Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have just been to Thyolo District Hospital today. I must say I was impressed with the service delivery and condition of the facilities at the establishment. The staff wore an air of confidence and positivity. There was also no overcrowding that characterises the referral Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. How I wish all hospitals in Malawi were in that condition. It is bad to see many ordinary citizens struggling to access health facilities in the townships and at major institutions like Queens'. But then Thyolo District Hospital is quite knew and serves a smaller area. I hope the standards are maintained.
I can only imagine how President Bingu wa Mutharika is feeling at this hour, having lost his wife of over 40 years, Ethel. I feel for the man, for I have lost family members, relations and very close friends. At that hour the world seems upside down and it sometimes takes years for one to heal inside. Ethel Mutharika was a dignified lady, quiet and really fit the mould of First Lady. I pray that Bingu will face the loss with courage and not feel all is lost. Otherwise he may withdraw from normal life and Malawi will as a nation be affected gravely. God is on your side Bingu, carry on, and may the Lord Jehovah grant you peace.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


"Uncle Joe, please marry. I just want to see how your child will look like before I die" Those were the words of 16-year old Lucy Prisca Mtembezeka Phiri, just two months ago. I laughed it off as one of her doom and gloom statements she sometimes made. But in the early hours of Monday 7 May 2007, my friend and protege Lucy passed away. The girl had been down with diabetese at a local private hospital, (Chitawira Private Hospital) from 24th to 27th April. In the following week after being discharged Lucy seemed to be making a good recovery and was set to resume studies at Manja Community Day Secondary School where she was in Form 2. Actually she danced to one of her favourite songs.

But on the night of 5th May her condition took a down-turn. I found Lucy at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital on Sunday the 6th wearing an oxygen mask and in comatose state.
The following morning her aunt, Hellen Faith called to say the girl had died.
What a shock and how sad. My charge Lucy was laid to rest yesterday at her home Monkey Bay.

Lucy was an orphan and the weight seemed to be too much for her to bear many times. I was mentoring and teaching her that she could emerge a winner and be a leader in the future. That included encouraging, rebuking, checking school reports and meeting various needs. She was like a daughter, a close friend and some one who confided her experiences as a parentless child to me.

I feel the loss and I have been thinking about her. What she could have been, the potential in her, how well she performed in class, and remembering the funny things she said and did...her letters and phone calls. I will miss Lucy for a long time. She loved life and lived it to the maximum. Though only 16, Lucy was motherly and loving, so like many other female orphans.
But in all I say God be praised for affording me a chance to input something in the life of a girl-child who seemed lost many times.
On Thursday last week Lucy reminded me to focus on heavenly and Godly things.
Rest In Peace Lucy.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I dreamed that I was confronting the 'monster' that has been attacking women and children in one of Malawi's well-known townships, Ndirande in the city of Blantyre.

The beast/apparition/spiritual being has been terrorising people for the past year and two women have been killed and several other people have been left injured.

People say the culprit is a tall man with a mask who goes about in white underwear. The clergy says it is a spiritual being, while some herbalists say the police are in the know because they haven't allowed the traditional leaders to attack the 'ghost' with their charms!! Some local chiefs in Ndirande were last month arrested allegedly for being behind the monster. And there have been many other interesting claims over 'ownership' of this supernatural entity.

In the dream I saw the man behind the 'beast' and when he saw he was exposed he said he would kill me. I screamed and began to pray. JESUS!!! I shouted that at him and the man retreated and fled. It reminded me of Elijah and the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings Chapter 18 in the Holy Bible. ""The Lord-He is God"
To those behind the terror in Ndirande, as I say to you JESUS!!