Friday, January 16, 2009

Debates and Power Struggles...

I'm told former American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, once quipped that life is made up of chapters and seasons. That is quite true. I have passed through varying seasons in my life and there have been remarkable chapters too. My time in Malawi is almost over and I thank God that I made it home, for I was not expected to be in the country now. The time has enabled me to know better some people, especially the hypocritical or pharisian (afarisi) type. When you are out they pretend to be this; when you are on the spot they are exposed!
I leave the country quite happy with the crop situation; the rains have been good and the staple maize plants are flourishing, at least in my town Blantyre.

I go away intrigued with two issues. One is the candidature of former President Bakili Muluzi in the May general elections. I'm not sure if the man ever thinks about his legacy, considering the failed Open Terms and Third Term Bill in 2004 , and now trying to ascend to power again. I found it interesting to note that Muluzi is challenging the incumbent Bingu wa Mutharika to a debate on the national economy. Muluzi is a layman on the theme, while Bingu is very learned. My take was perhaps Muluzi surmised he could bluff his way around the topic as he is a good public speaker. Otherwise he could find himself in very deep waters!

Secondly is the titanic battle between MBC and an offshoot of the broadcaster Development Communications Trust (DCT). Development Broadcasting Unit (DBU) was supposed to delink from MBC, but somehow I understand the Corporation baulked at the 11th hour. Now there are two entities struggling for listenership: DCT and DBU. DCT claims it went through the requisite process to stand alone, MBC thinks otherwise. I'm fascinated by the power struggle that has ensued and has reached libelous levels, as reports suggest.
I think the two should strive to exist side by side, otherwise the 'warfare' will not help anyone and it is an absolute waste of time and other valuable resources. Just as Israel cannot annihilate the Palestinians and vice versa, common sense must prevail that DCT and DBU will both live on. Good leadership and vision will prove the ultimate difference between the two rivals!
(Quite unlike me to be this wordy in a blog, but I had to get it off my chest and I had stayed a while without blogging). God bless us all.