Friday, April 23, 2010

Turns and Twists

The past few weeks have been really busy and stressful as I dealt with academic aspirations for 2010 and beyond, my teaching chores, music ministry, job-hunting and house-keeping. It is funny how people make promises they don't follow up especially when one is in a fix! It is amazing how people disappoint you when you took them as mentors or 'fathers' in a way. Is it the Biblical waning of love in the last days at play?
It is heartening however to see that amidst such negatives some souls do shine and go the extra mile for another person. Some people are simply angels!
I am making a new turn in my career. I will be outside my comfort zone for some weeks in the near future having to leave Blantyre, my beloved Blantyre for another place! I thank God and the friends and relatives who have been there for me and are still there!

I'm dreaming of a future without donor aid and the strings attached, in Malawi. Im pondering life without political interference in vital aspects of the Malawi society like jobs, awarding of contracts and the media operations. I'm thinking Malawi should be free of petty jealousy, cronyism, laziness and apathy. The future will be bright if we do away with these and many other vices.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I keep wondering why the current administration in Malawi seems to be going overboard in alienating the very people who voted it into power as it faced a fierce combined force of MCP and UDF in the last polls. I ponder the recent display of intolerance with regard to dissent. Isn't disssent or alternatives views the very stuff of democracy?
I muse why the authorities are hell-bent on forcing on Malawians the proposed changes in the national flag.
It is clear the majority of people in the country do not want the version being touted by the government, but the authorities seem to have found a way of by-passing that through using of chiefs. The advocates of the new standard claim chiefs represent Malawians and their views. Wow! I haven't met chief Somba in whose domain I am ( in Blantyre) and neither have I seen him or his 'aides' holding consultations with villagers or subjects on the new flag. So, the traditional leaders are only representing their views. In any case which chief can stand up and say no to the new flag? If government wants the truth and nothing but the whole truth about the feelings of Malawians, let it send emissaries to the townships, villages, minibuses, markets and alleyways. In those places the authorities will hear what they HAVE to hear not what they WANT to hear!!

I wonder, why donors want to continue pushing their selfish agenda on Malawi and other African countries. For how long will Africa be a pawn, a puppet, an object of pity? Should we dance to the tune of imperialism for ever and ever just because of donor money? Africa must explore ways of untying itself to this unequal and undignified relationship. It can't happen tomorrow, but still one day the continent must give the neo-colonialists a kick in the backside!!

I was encouraged today as I passed by Mlambalala Primary School in Blantyre. I overheard a teacher propounding the tenets of sexual harrassment and human rights. There is hope for the younger generation in knowledge of rights, so I thought!

On a lighter note, I was thinking today if wives and girlfriends of musicians feel jealous if their man seems to give more attention to an instrument like the guitar than to the women! I'm interested to know!