Monday, December 12, 2005


It is so hard these days to get an update posted on this blog. Internet access is so difficult …imagine, in my department there are some 30 or 40 people, but there is only one computer with internet, and you have to queue up to get something done. And then it is terribly slow, as the connection is the old-fashioned dial-up thing.
I find myself missing Orebro, more especially the Brickeberg area a lot these days. I often wonder if I will ever see again the friend I left behind in Studentgatan, the University, Vasa and Brickebergskyrkan. I imagine the cold snowy, dark days. The reserved people. I long to see that again.
Things have been rough at this end. I find an opportunity to go to Singapore for an IT course lasting over two weeks. My employers promised to pay for the airticket and allowances. But with two days before departure date, the decision was mysteriously reversed. I was deeply hurt, but thanks be to God, I have forgiven those that think they will gain something by pulling others down.
One of my cousins Kulani, an eleven-year old boy planted a maize seed at the back of our house.

The corn stem that has grown to freaky heights! The plant is so tall and weird!

Maize 1

Rains are falling almost every day, and we hope that Malawi will have more food next year.
Otherwise I have been promoted to the rank of Chief Producer in the News and Current Affairs Department, meaning the days are getting to be busy and draining.
I’m still hunting for finances to fund my driving lessons. Also I’m on the look out for opportunities for further studies. I feel I’m not yet done. Yesterday, I was so surprised with my speed and accuracy on the guitar. I just found myself doing so many things on the fretboard in a short time.


I guess it is my time in Orebro that has led me to develop so much in music. I give tribute to my Canadian pal, Kevin Le Blanc for that change, and also the other music friends: Jonatan and David Lindner, Charlotta Hambre-Knight, Joakim and Viendo Borjesson, Gunilla, Mikael, as well as Walt Goska. May you have a merry Christmas and glorious and blessed 2006. Love from me.