Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It's now over a month since I started lecturing at the University of Malawi's constituent college, Malawi Polytechnic. Im teaching English literature to First and Second year Journalism students. It's good to be among the academics once again, share knowledge and challenge each other intellectually. I have six hours of lessons each week and the fee is okay for a start. But it makes my days so very busy; like on Fridays I have a class at 7.40am!! Still it is good to be busy and forget the hussles of my workplace MBC.
The problems at the broadcaster are deep-rooted and there needs to be a paradigm shift in management style and work-ethics to change things for the better. Petty jealousies, insufficient working materials, broken down this and that...ohhhh!!

The first years are abit more rowdy, the second years are more discplined.
I thank God for the music I'm playing these days...even rock! How I loathed this genre! I guess my stay in Sweden helped change my mindset. I can play faster and without looking at music sheets more often now adays.

I was amused by a lady friend called Michaella. She cut off retelling a story because I was saying or rather grunting, "mm ...mmm" and saying: " okay...ooho.." She thought I wasnt attentive, but then that's just a part of me. I do that without thinking.

I have applied for an IT short course in Singapore but Im yet to secure funding for the trip. In December 2005 I failed to go that island at the last minute after being let down at MBC. I look to God to help me this time. I have passion for IT issues too apart from the Gospel, sport, journalism, nature and health matters.

Im baffled by the UK's change of heart towards Malawians..that is in connection with visas. Maybe Malawians have been exploiting the age-old favours from Britain, but the recent changes in my opinion are rather drastic. I hear you have to obtain a visa these days even if you are in transit. Lucky me. I passed through London last June before the changes!

Im beginning to doubt if I will return to Sweden and Orebro in particular. There seems to be no way of going there again. I miss Kevin, Cam, Ruth and the other pals.