Thursday, August 05, 2010

Eventful Trip

I was in the Malawi capital Lilongwe on Tuesday and yesterday to attend to some pressing business and what a trip it was! I usually stay at a certain Christian media house in Lilongwe where they have accommodation facilities. On Tuesday night around 9.30 I was woken up by shouts and the wailing of a siren. Apparently one employee of the organisation was returning from a field trip and found the gate locked. He somehow opened it. The man came upon four guards fast asleep at that relatively early hour! He proceeded to kick the security officials who in their sleeping stupor thought thugs had laid siege to the facility and started shouting for help and pressed the panic button that set off the alarm! My my my!!! It was sometime before the guards realised it was only a member of staff trying to wake them up through unconventional means.

Then on Wednesday a man appeared at the Christian media establishment calling on the head of the organisation to ordain him as a pastor. The man said the executive was fit to annoint him! The media house's chief however declined to do the honours!

I left Lilongwe for Blantyre around 4pm through Zomba because I was with friends traveling in that direction. We arrived in Zomba around 8pm to find public transport had stopped operating for the night. My pals were going to a workshop and thought they could take me in at a lodge they had been booked. I refused the offer trusting that God will make a way, and I told them they could leave for their function By 8.25pm nothing had happened and things looked grim. I made a cry from my heart saying: 'God show yourself strong in this situation'. As I whispered the word 'situation'...a twin-cabin car stopped by me and the driver asked if I was heading to Blantyre. WOW!! God remains faithful!!