Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Praise God who daily leads us into victory through Jesus Christ. Thank the Lord in all circumstances for that is His will for our lives. These are some of the inspiring verses in the Bible and I like them. But I tell you the past month has been tough. Things haven't gone according to plan, and I seem to be going nowhere.

It hasn't been easy to thank God and give Him the sacrifice of praise. My involvement at the University of Malawi (Polytechnic) has been met with hypocritical and unloving attitudes by some folks at MBC my work place. They think I'm making milions and so are jealous! Malawians and their Pull-Down-Syndrome. Im Malawian by nationality, but I don't do things the Malawian way!!! Im outta that system!! I daresay that! Each time I'm out of the office, the comments have been: "You see he is at the Poly....he is too busy with the university rather than MBC"

I have failed to go to Singapore yet again for an IT course. My application for a scholarship at Westminster College has gone hay-wire. The application forms were sent to Malaysia instead of Malawi, and so I missed the deadline.

I have felt unsupported by people I look up to even at my church, when I tell them some of my struggles.
But thank God, Michaella my friend has been so sweet and encouraging. It's been good to see the 10-year friendship reach greater heights!

So thanks be to God for every mountain. He sees and He cares. I shall overcome.
My music, my guitar: I think Im heading in the right direction. Someone will hear from my music soon.