Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There Goes Uncle Max!

I am still reeling from the sudden passing on of my uncle Maxwell Mlenga who departed on 13 October 2012.  A week before Uncle Max's  demise I was in his office as he updated me on his recent missions trip to Pittsburgh the US.  The usual encouragement he had for me (on 3 September) proved to be his last. I will especially cherish Uncle Maxwell's role in trying to get  the best out of me in my career and other areas. I took him like a dad; always trembling to face him when I had messed up. Indeed since my father passed on 13 years ago, Maxwell Mlenga, was the one I looked up to. 
I heard that he had been taken ill around 9am, and just five minutes from reaching the Blantyre Adventist Hospital, my brother called to say Uncle Maxwell was no more. What pain and trauma! 
Still,  I thank God for the years I had with my late uncle both in Malawi and Zimbabwe.
There goes a friendly, generous, kind, engaging, intelligent, hardworking, deeply philosophical and spiritual man. There goes Uncle Max!

PS:  Psalm 53:1 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God". Selah!