Friday, September 18, 2009

Cops and Jobs

The other day I was in a minibus travelling between Nkolokosa and Blantyre. The driver exclaimed in shock as he spotted a traffic police officer at the turn-off to Chilobwe township. "Shaaa...Matabwa!!". This was in apparent reference to the cop's name. The policeman stopped the minibus and duly 'arrested' it for stopping at an undesignated spot. The minibus driver tried to coax Mr Matabwa not to seize the vehicle all in vain. I understood why the driver had been gripped by fear upon the sight of the cop. Mr Matabwa is apparently a serious and dedicated police officer who doesn't do thing in half-measures. I saw him a ray of hope amidst the problematic officers who seem to be making headlines regularly these days including one who is alleged to have raped female suspect while she was in custody.

On another note, two very different people recently commented that it is very hard to get a job in Malawi especially when it's a young qualified person. These folks asserted that the old guard and those without higher qualifications are making it difficult for younger graduates to secure employment. The recurrent theme I got from those two people was 'fear of take-over'. Now if people are afraid of a take-over where do the graduates go? What will become of the call by the state president for people trained/educated abroad to come back to Malawi and help develop the country?