Wednesday, March 08, 2006


New wine is quite potent, and if you put it into an old wineskin it can break! Im not a radical person nor a revolutionary but sometimes the way things are handled in Malawi get on my tape, focusing on petty and trivial issues at work and personalising things instead of just getting the day's work done. One annoyance is the 'pull-down syndrome'. Not many rejoice when their colleague prospers and instead of working hard to achieve similar or better feats, they scheme and plan on how to bring the other person down! Shame.
Malawi is doing better in terms of food this year. We expect bumper yields. We only hope the harvest will not be mismanaged like it was done by the government four years ago.
I'm venturing into a whole new ball game...lecturing. I will be teaching journalism at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of University of Malawi. I need God's grace to make it. One as a new field, two because not all have been that encouraging.
I have revived my writing career and I did two magazine articles over the weekend. The incentives are not that much why not do it for the love of the thing! I'm happy because I found a long-lost manuscript which I had given up to ever recover. I wrote this little children's book 'Yona and his father ' in 1997 and it was shortlisted for a prize and publishing by Macmillan. But it never got published. Now Mom found it among her old stuff and that's why Im walking with a spring in my step. I will redo it and have it published.
There is this southern African initiative on pooling stories called SADC Calling. News reports are sent via the net to a website...Im excited to participate in the venture and cooperate with colleagues from within southern Africa despite the bad internet connection at my work place.