Saturday, September 10, 2005


Thanks be to God who grants us victory through Jesus Christ His Son. And who gives us people who care and share...( Brothers' keepers). I lost my passport with the trip to Rhodes University in South Africa tomorrow, and I was unaware of the fact. That was until I got a call from Bruce that he was keeping my passport!! Someone else would have let me hang and miss the journey. Thank you Jesus for such friends.
I look forward to travelling once again, although I feel I will miss my 'children' Chitsanzo and Kulani. We have some good times together.

I returned to MBC this week. I felt like a stranger as most of the people in the newsroom are new, and the majority of my pals went away for good. Monday was particularly awful, as I struggled to fit into the niche of the new people, and the same old routine of the news department. Chatting to Susan, Sibo and Joel made me feel better.
Im told I will be moved to the Current Affairs section to head it. What a challenge! Im out of my comfort zone of the newsroom...I have done everything in the newsroom except write duty rosters, and all my days in MBC have been spent in that office. Now Im moving to an area I hardly know. I need God's grace and wisdom to succeed in meeting the challenge. God is faithful.
Pray for me as I journey tomorrow and for my work life ahead.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Return of the Prodigal Suitcase

What a happy day it was for me last Friday when my suitcase finally arrived from Stockholm in Sweden. The bag had been with Fingani my friend and she gracefully kept it after hassles with airport staff at Arlanda with regard to weight. Fingani tried to send it to me in June, but it was returned to her because of two spray cans I had unwisely packed. The second time with Mphatso's help the suitcase was resent to Malawi, but it took so long. I was almost giving up hope when I was called to Malawi Revenue Authority Offices to get it. They didn't charge me anything for the contents and I was quite happy with that. I thank God that everything was intact...the tv and radio remote controls, underwear, wireless phone, flask, football, four Nordic countries flags, including left over biscuits!!!!

Today is my last day of my holiday and I return to MBC on Monday after a year away. It will not be easy for me to readjust into the system, but please pray for me that God will grant me grace. Almost all of my have friends have left the radio station, and it will be strange not to have fulltime internet access, good computers--- and also I have to obey and be disciplined once again as per MBC rules and regulations. Know what I mean?